Hi, I'm Gui! (He/Him)
I'm a designer, calligrapher and lettering artist currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, working for clients and brands to make their words unique and memorable. 
I began my professional life as a web designer and slowly specialized in UI and UX design, until 2014 when I've made the jump to the freelance life focusing exclusively on lettering projects for design and advertising. 
Since then I've worked with clients big and small such as Tiffany & Co., Natura, Boticário, Samsung, Ambev, Abril Publishing, and many others. 
I love the challenge of turning words into images, combining beauty and the power of expression, and helping people communicate with authenticity.
* Gui is short for Guilherme. Sounds like "ghee" ;-)
Let's make something together!
+55 11 97076-6126
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